The Tiny Hill Orchestra, formed in 1936, is now being led into the 21st century by Dan Stevens, arranger and multi-instrumentalist who owns the Tiny Hill library of music.  This contains the original manuscript arrangements of famous Tiny Hill hits such as Skirts, Sue City Sioux, Doodle-Doo-Doo, I Get The Blues When It Rains, Four Leaf Clover and many more.

Dan Stevens calls upon his extensive experience in the big band field and network of top professional musicians to recreate the music with love and affection.

The band is home based at the Webster Concert Hall in St. Louis, Missouri.  The band is available for dates in the midwest as well as functions at the concert hall itself,

For full information or to book your special event with the Tiny Hill Orchestra contact Dan via phone or text at 314-962-7000.
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